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W. Couture opens new South Beach outlet

Daniel Elton
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyWhitney Swanson owner of the W Conture a womans clothing store with all the latest styles and looks in Vail Village.

VAIL – W. Couture is opening a new store for those who fly south for the winter. The upscale boutique will soon have a new outlet in the Ritz-Carlton in Miami’s South Beach. Owner Whitney Swanson says her Vail boutique has been so successful since opening in January, she decided to open another shop in her home state. “We’ve had a tremendous response to the boutique,” Swanson says. “We couldn’t have been more successful.”Asked why W. Couture has done so well over the last eight months, Swanson says: “We’ve been a breath of fresh air in the valley.”

“I’ve lived here for 15 years and there was never a place like [W. Couture]. It is a real departure from the norm,” she says. The store aims to be “very fashion forward, very contemporary and very modern,” she adds.The store on Gore Creek Drive in Vail has specialized in a retro feel. “Glamour has been in for the last two seasons,” Swanson says. “Everything is very romantic and very feminine. A lot of it is right out of the 1950s.” But Swanson insists that the store is evolving with the look.

“A lot of people want to marry the glamour look with other things, like denim or tweed – ponchos are all the rage,” she says. W. Couture also attempts to make global fashion accessible to customers in the Vail Valley, she says. “We have designers from France and Russia, Portugal and America in the boutique [and] have names like Dianne Van Furstenberg, Enzo Loco and Paris Cigana,” Swanson says. “If there’s a fashion in the now and present, I want it in the store. I like to find what’s trendy around the world and bring it to Vail.”She also tries to keep track of what trendsetters are wearing, she says. “In the store right now we have the chandelier earrings that Beyonce wore for the ‘Crazy In Love’ video and a dress worn by Courtney Cox.”

The native Floridian says the formula has earned the store admirers from around the globe. “Our clientele is from all over the world. We’ve had customers from Russia and Australia, Europe and South America,” she says. And it’s the range of customers that has made running the store so much fun, Swanson says. “I enjoy it so much because of the variety of people that come in here. We get all different types in here.”Swanson believes that the new store will be as successful as the Vail original. “My sister is opening the Miami boutique, and I know she’s going to do a really good job,” she says.Daniel Elton is a contributing writer for the Vail Daily. Vail Colorado

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