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W.’s in Sharon’s shadow

Matt Zalaznick

How does a man who oversaw a massacre in a pair of Palestinian refugee camps come up with a plan to liberate the occupied – and have his ideas praised by no less a group of moral elitists than the European Union?How does a man give away land he fought bravely and brutally to defend? Where does a man who had major roles in every one of Isreal’s wars get the political capital to try to end its latest and perhaps most existential conflict? Well, W. – who has been blustering lately about his legacy as Defender of the Free World – might want to find out how Ariel Sharon reinvented himself in the eyes of both his people and his planet. Or at least ask Rover to check into it if he isn’t too busy burying the adminstration’s links to that other troublemaking Jew Jack Abramoff. W., whom a majority of the world views as a madman and a terrorist, might ask Ariel how, at the last minute, a self-obsessed warmonger becomes a man of peace.Like Sharon, W. was re-elected because a besieged people felt he was the best man to protect them – or at least better than the drab dope the left picked to safeguard the homeland. Like W., Sharon’s people began questioning his methods – and the doubts didn’t only come from peaceniks. Like Americans who think W. didn’t send enough troops to bring democracy to the Iraqis, some in Israel believed Ariel wasn’t tough enough with the Palestinians. But unlike W., Sharon did something bold when he found his country slipping into a deadly of tailspin of suicide bombs and assassinations. Sharon not only risked his political reputation (Rover’s worst nightmare) by giving up Gaza and putting the burden to behave on the bad guys – he even risked his life. While W. continued to show great disdain for his people (at least those who aren’t pre-screened), Sharon risked being whacked by one of his own people. While W. spread intolerance across the land pandering to the fascists that make up his base, Sharon said to hell with the fascists that make up his base and gave away some of their land.While Sharon is building a wall to keep murderers out, W.’s being convinced to build a wall to keep dangerous maids and construction workers out. Well, perhaps W. has a place to start in Sharon’s footsteps. Remember that time he said he couldn’t imagine how Osama bin Laden could comprehend the “joy of Hannakuh?” Sure, he looked like he’d swallowed a rotten chunk of gelfitle fish when he blurted out the name of the Jewish holiday, but maybe just the brave attempt at pronunciation shows he has a little compassion after all. A bold step would be for W. to blow the lid off the abuses in our military prisons; to admit to the earthlings whom he loves to patronize that Uncle Sam’s got his own civil rights problems. Maybe he could even make some upper-level generals and Department of Defense officials sit in jail with the lunk-headed privates who took the fall for Alberto’s finding that international laws forbidding torture were just too cute for the Terminator Administration. Unfortunately, W.’s too busy giggling as he ties himself up in the miles and miles of wiretaps Uncle Dickie dangled in front of his face. All you have to do is picture a cat and a shiny ball of yarn to see how W.’s eyes must have lit up when Uncle Dickie found another way for them to play at their favorite game: “Power corrupts absolutely.” While Ariel’s challenging the Palestinians to “Show me your democracy!” W.’s obscuring it at home and smothering the Iraqis with his demented (and exteremely dangerous) version of freedom. While Ariel realized the Israelis lost the moral high ground years ago, W. still thinks the world’s graciously throwing roses at his faithful feet. The world’s forgetting the Jews’ suffering during the Holocaust and can’t remember what America did to rebuild Europe and Japan, and it’s only Ariel that realized the worth of his nation’s capital has changed. And only Ariel was making wise spending choices. City Editor Matt Zalaznick can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14620, or mzalaznick@vaildaily.comVail, Colorado

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