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Waitin’ for the flood

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Well, Barry’s disdain for the scriptures is well-supported in this day and age (see “The Bible vs my health club” at vailtrail.com, Feb. 3 edition), and if the Bible is wrong, he’s got nothing to worry about but if it’s right he’d do well to keep watch over his shoulder, because what goes around comes around, and in the world of Noah’s day people didn’t put much reliability in what Noah said, until it started to rain. Then hind sight became 20/20 but the reward for their enhanced perception was death. Jesus said the conclusion of a wicked system would have the same earmarks of Noah’s day but don’t worry about a thing Barry (and nothin’ will be alright).You just keep bashin’ the Bible!!!MichaelGE1932M@aol.comOoops!We just received a copy of your story regarding the Pikes Peak Marathons (see “Early Pikes Peak marathons smokers vs vegetarians,” at vailtrail.com, Dec. 2 edition). I thought it necessary to correct an error that our daughter wrote about her father! Leland ran the marathon twice. He was one of the winners of one of the original oil paintings. He did not hold any of the records on Pikes Peak, but he held some records on Longs Peak for a number of years. Sorry for the error.Ruth Tiggesrltigges@adelphia.netWe get letters! Join the community discussion and send letters by email to tboyd@vailtrail.com. We reserve the right to edit the letters for content and length. Letters regarding Vail Trail stories receive priority.

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