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Waiting to announce re-election bid

Michael Gallagher

Most of you have heard by now that I have had serious surgery and that as a result, I have yet to announce my candidacy to be re-elected to the District 1 county commissioner seat.

The facts are: I have spent recent weeks being treated for a persistent heart problem for which I am well on the road to recovery. At the same time, and for nearly a year now, I have been dealing with a neuropathy (nerve disease) that is another reminder of my service in Vietnam and my exposure to Agent Orange.

My mending after surgery is going better than expected, and I hope to return to full-time shortly. During my recent recovery, I have been frequently briefed and I contribute regularly to discussions and solutions to the county’s issues and problems. I am still your servant, still your county commissioner, and I will continue to serve you as long as I am able and as long as you want me to.

This is the time of caucuses and the time of assemblies of the political parties in the county. A time for names to be thrown into the ring and a time for positions and postures to be taken.

It is only to assure my fitness for the job that I do not announce my candidacy at this time. I approach this issue with the same perspective that I have in some 30 years of public service and stewardship. I believe I have that responsibility to the people of Eagle County, as well as to my family and me. That responsibility is to wait for full recovery and a strong indication of future health before I offer myself to serve you for another four years.

If I am able, I will seek to be on the ballot by petition, a choice I will make at the appropriate time.

I thank you for your continued support and your prayers in my recovery.

Michael Gallagher

Eagle County commissioner

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