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Walking Mounains Earth Day essay contest winner, 3-5th grade category

Montana Palmer
Special to the Daily

Editor’s note: Students were asked to answer the following question in essay form: Describe your vision for new and creative ways to help your community live in harmony on Planet Earth. Think BIG, but practical — what kinds of changes would you like to see that could really make a difference in our valley?

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was just wasting all of my time being lazy at home. Suddenly my mother broke the silence and said, “Hey, should we go on a hike on this beautiful day rather than just sit around and do nothing?”

“Nooo, Mom; I don’t want to go, and you know I hate the outdoors!” I whined.

But I had to go anyway. I flung myself into the car and we drove off.

As our Prius zoomed down the road, I gazed lazily outside with dread. Just then we approached the long, steep hill. Everyone marched happily towards the hill except for me. I was stomping in frustration with my lips pursed and my arms crossed. We started hiking along the path. I noticed a Hershey’s wrapper on the ground and looked at it for a moment wondering if I should pick it up. But unfortunately, I disgustedly walked on.


Later on, I encountered many other pieces of trash, not even bothering to look at them.

Otherwise there were many song birds all chiming in their cute little tunes into a song bird orchestra. There also were many pretty wildflowers such an Indian Paintbrush and many raptors. The grass glowed emerald green and the trees’ leaves were highlighter lemon green.

We were more than half way up the hill and were getting very tired and hungry so we started to set up a picnic on a crooked log near a small clearing.


Suddenly, “shhh,” my dad whispered. “What?” I hissed back.“Look at the deer in the field,” he whispered again. My head lazily craned over to look at the clearing. Then there was a deer and her fawn eating the fresh green grass in the clearing.

The fawn started trying to eat a piece of trash! Suddenly, I became desperate for the fawn. “Nooo,” I screamed. Luckily, my shout startled the deer and her fawn so they bounded away.


I sprinted into the clearing, picked up the trash and ran back at once. Then, we continued to prepare the picnic in silence. After that, we ate while chatting about the surprise that had just happened. After we stuffed our faces with delicious custards and sandwiches, we continued up the hill.

At the top, there was a glorious view. We stared at it in amazement for a moment and then rapidly ran down the hill and picked up the trash that I had ignored while hiking up the hill. And so now I always respect our beloved Mother Nature.

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