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Walking Mountains Science Center debunks myths about electric vehicles

Can it go up hill quickly? Will I have to seek out charging stations all the time? Is it expensive? Does it have a radio?

Those are just a few of the questions asked and answered at a recent event featuring electric vehicles at Walking Mountains Science Center to help demystify this efficient and environmentally smart way to get around.

Walking Mountains helped educate those curious about the facts surrounding greenhouse gases. In 2014, Eagle County had an estimated 378,615 metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere from the transportation sector. Of that, 79 percent was from passenger cars and SUVs traveling throughout the county.

Walking Mountains lists some of the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs)
• They are less expensive to drive – in Colorado, the cost of driving an EV is 50 percent less than a traditional fuel vehicle, on average.
• These cars are fast – EVs can utilize the full power of the motor instantly, rather than revving like a gas-powdered vehicle, making for quick acceleration.
• Less emissions and less noise – with no engine revving for power, these vehicles are nearly silent in operation.
• Low maintenance – Full-electric vehicles have far less moving parts. With no oil, spark plugs, radiators or mufflers, you’ll spend a lot less on maintenance.

You’ll not only spend less on maintenance, but you’ll also save when you buy an electric vehicle. While the price of EVs is slowly coming down, there are both state and federal incentives for early adopters of the technology.

• EV Sales Event: Local dealerships in Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle County are offering additional discounts on 7 PHEV and BEV models, some up to $1,951. This is in addition to the incentives below. Expires Oct. 31.
• State and Federal Tax incentives: Depending on the vehicle and purchasing or leasing, vehicles may qualify for a $7,500 federal tax incentive and a $5,000 state tax incentive.
• Holy Cross Energy: HCE is offering a $650 rebate for the installation of an EV Charger in your home or workplace. Charger must be installed by Nov. 1 and rebate applied for by Nov. 16.

Find out more how you can have a direct impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases every time you get in your vehicle by contacting James Dilzell, energy programs associate at Walking Mountains Science School by calling 970.827.9725 x139.

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