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Wall sculpturist Carlo Trost in Vail on Saturday

"Tutti Al Circo" — 36” x 80.5”
Carlo Trost | Special to the Daily |

VAIL — Italian artist Carlo Trost returns to Vail International Gallery for his fourth solo exhibition at the gallery, which opens on Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. Known in Vail for his unique wooden wall sculptures, Trost’s art has been represented at Vail International Gallery since 2006.

“I’ve seen Carlo’s work evolve from very beautiful and simple modern design with a limited palette to equally beautiful and more intricate work carved from custom fabricated wood laminated with a range of color,” said gallery co-owner Marc LeVarn. “Our clients love Carlo because his work is original and exciting. He went to university in Venice, and in some of the work I can see the influence of Murano glass designs. Other pieces feel more kinetic and have a weightless almost woven quality.”

Larger Scale Works

Trost keeps his studio near his hometown of Udine in the Friuli region of Italy and has exhibited his work throughout Italy and Europe. The exhibition will include more than 12 new larger scale works, some approaching nearly two meters in width, all of which were created in Udine and shipped especially for the opening of the show. Many of the works are created with individually carved wooden blocks arranged as modern, abstracted mosaics.

“It will be a stunning and beautiful exhibition,” LeVarn said. “Every two years we hold a show with Carlo which is really a bi-annual retrospective showing the direction his art is moving in. It will be very exciting to see all the works hung together in a single place.”

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