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Warming trends

Laura A. Ball
Vail Daily/Preston UtleyJena Jacobs of Lake Placid, N.Y., knit her sparkly sequined hat to help her stay snug and stylish while fending the cold.

VAIL ” When it’s teeth-chattering, bone-chilling, frost-bite cold outside and you have somewhere to go, must you sacrifice style for warmth?

Absolutely not.

At least that was the overwhelming response from Street Beat-goers who shared their secrets to looking hot while braving freezing temperatures Wednesday night in Vail Village.

“If you look warm you’ll stay warm, and you can look good, too” said Natalia Hanks of Avon. “And to music like James Cotton, you can’t help but dance and get the blood flowing.”

Hanks was smartly dressed in white furry moon boots she bought for $2 at a Bloomfield Hills, Mich., garage sale 25 years ago.

“Someone else might pay $700, but as a local I can’t afford that,” she said.

If you’re donning knee-high boots, tuck your jeans into them for a modern look that will keep you dry amid winter’s wonderland.

Hanks also revealed that the key to cold-weather dressing involves a couple layers of long underwear under your clothes that no one can see, “preferably Smart Wool,” she said.

Women aren’t the only ones fit for fur. Just ask Shane Moxley.

Moley of Atlanta sported his fur-trim hooded black North Face puffy on the Street Beat scene.

“Why not?” he said. “You have to put on a lot of stuff to stay warm.”

The morale of the story is, if you own something fur, real or faux, now’s the time to utilize it. As if fur ever really goes out of style in Vail, it’s definitely among the trends this season showing up on everything from hoods to ear muffs to vests.

Hip accessories like sparkly hats, striped scarves and bright tights make bearing the cold a lot more fun. And with boho chic ruling the runways these days, piling it on is perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged.

Jena Jacobs of Lake Placid, N.Y., said it all with her sequin-laden pink hat that she knit two days prior, ’70s-inspired green vest trimmed in fur and bejeweled yellow scarf.

“I buy whatever’s on the bargain rack and then you just have to make it work,” Jacobs said. “The scarf I’m wearing is from Wal-Mart and the vest is from JC Penney.”

Maja Clark of Edwards has a secret weapon of her own to beat the chill.

“Put on some color. It always helps in the cold,” she said, outfitted in a shearling jacket, cheerful red heart-laced scarf, strawberry-colored hat and jeans tucked into her Swedish-style boots.

Outwear will make you happy when you bundle up in vibrant hues a la mode such as deep purple, emerald green and firey red. If you want a more classic look, go for all white with a splash of color.

If you’re still feeling numb, cheat a little.

“I also stay warm by putting those heat warmers in my boots and gloves that no one can see,” Clark said.

Instead of dreading cold, winter days, embrace them with hot accessories. Staying warm has never looked so good.

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