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Warning: No election recap below

Richard Carnes

However, I do believe the Middle East repercussions from it are certainly worthy of discussion.It is obvious the Bush administration, as well as the terrorists, had contingency plans for whatever results came to fruition last week, and within 24 hours of the polls closing, the spin machines of both were running at their highest settings.Bush dumped Rumsfeld, claiming he intentionally misled reporters last week when saying he fully expected Rumsfeld and Cheney to stay through the end of his term, but only because he wanted to avoid a controversial change at the Pentagon just prior to a hotly contested election.In other words, he purposely lied to the American public to protect us from knowledge that might cause us to act in a specific manner.Stupid us.Iraq’s Al Qaeda leader, Abu something-something, did his best Monty Python impression, saying and doing everything short of tossing live cattle over the walls of 14th century ignorance and shouting flatulence jokes in our general direction. We can only hope Osama is nursing a large lump on the top of his self-righteous head from jumping up and down with exuberance in his cave.We’ll never know what either side had planned if the election results had been different, but you can bet it would have been more arrogance from one and more bravado from the other.What it all boils down to is this: not much has changed with the new walking facades in Washington, nor will it anytime soon. In fact, as of Sunday night, seven more Americans have died in Iraq since the polls closed, an Israeli tank attack killed a dozen Palestinian children in their sleep, prompting Hamas to end their truce (there was a truce?), and K-Fed is still insisting upon blackmailing his future ex-wife with a honeymoon sex tape if she doesn’t cough up more alimony.No, I did not expect anything to change overnight, but I am pointing out how some did, and are anxiously waiting.It’s going to be a long wait, folks, very long.You see, it doesn’t matter which party is in charge of the House or the Senate. It makes no difference who signs the checks at the White House. Low unemployment, inflation and mortgage rates are as irrelevant as a high Dow, Nasdaq and the Broncos’ chances of making the Super Bowl. What matters is that religious fanatics want us all dead simply because we do not believe in the same fantasies of an afterlife and magical beings that created everything. And that, I am sadly afraid, will never change.Every time the president says we will “fight the war against terror until our troops can return home winners,” I cringe.This is not a war against terror. This is a war against religion, only the president is too indoctrinated with blind dogma to see reality. He has made this, at least publicly, a war to protect “our” ideology against theirs, which is little more than “our” religion against their religion. History has proven, again and again, that no religious wars can be won, only temporarily appeased.When it comes to wars against religion, nobody can ever win, and everybody will always lose, and they can never end at least as long as two or more religions continue to exist.This current war will go on and on in some inanely endless cycle of insanity simply because more and more blood must be spilled to prove the value of the lives already lost. It can never be won. That is why we must bite the bullet, so to speak, and make definitive plans to leave as soon as possible. Sooner or later, Iraq will be plunged into the inevitable civil war, and it will make the past three years on the streets of Baghdad look like New Year’s Eve on Bridge Street. Whoever runs the House and Senate or eats dinner in the West Wing will have no bearing on the outcome.This so-called “new direction” for the country by the Democrats will have absolutely no influence on the desires of religious fanatics to wipe us off the planet, especially if the new course is based in a policy of backdoor payback politics while singing a secular “koombya” on the front porch.Positive changes will only occur if the new leadership has the courage and strength to provide long-term vision for the country while holding dear everything we have always stood for as a nation.Let’s just hope that vision is solidly based in facts, not fiction. Richard Carnes of Edwards writes a weekly column for the Daily. He can be reached at poor@vail.net Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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