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Warren Miller’s ‘Like There’s No Tomorrow’ at the Beav

Kimberly Nicoletti
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily/Mike ArztChris Davenport skis in Chile in Warren Miller's "Like There's No Tomorrow."

Warren Miller has become the granddaddy of ski films, but just because the crew’s in its 62nd year, there’s nothing crotchety about it. In fact, it’s taking a new spin on old footage and stories.

But Miller doesn’t just rely on the past. This season, “Like There’s No Tomorrow” travels to five continents, from the Himalayas in Gulmarg, India to the highest peak in Portillo, Chile. Plus, there’s plenty of North American footage, including Alaska, Utah, California and Colorado. Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley narrates the action, while Davenport, Julia Mancuso, Daron Rahlves, Colby West and Seth Wecott drop some of the biggest lines.

Worth the trip

To reach the peaks of India, it took 28 hours and four commercial flights, yet big-mountain powerhouses Lel Tone and Lynsey Dyer still think it’s well worth the trip.

“While these ladies may stick out as assumed American sweethearts against this rugged landscape, they tackle these uncharted mountains with verve and fearlessness, leaving us to bask in their perfect first descents on some of the world’s most secluded terrain,” according to segment notes. “When they aren’t up on Kashmir’s daunting peaks, they are down in Gulmarg’s pristine resort meadow, ripping turns with the locals and discovering common ground on the snow-covered mountainside.”

While Squaw Valley may have shown up in plenty of films, Miller takes a slightly different angle by using veteran ski-film cinematographer Tom Day, who’s hung around Squaw long enough to watch generations take on the mountain, yet has never seen a winter with more than 800 inches of snow – until now.

And though New Hampshire isn’t necessarily known for its abundant powder, Davenport has ripped the windblown terrain since he was a kid. As he says: “If you can ski this, you can ski anywhere.”

Some people, namely freestyle skier Andreas Hatveit, have it made: He has a world-class terrain park in his backyard, in the Norwegian ski town of Sudndalen. Miller’s film features some of the best jibbers as they host a moonlit backyard throw-down.

‘The possibilities are endless’

Then there’s the racers tackling big-mountain chutes in Portillo, Chile with Davenport leading the way.

“In racing, you know where the finish line is,” Mancuso said. “So, when you are out there on the mountain (freeskiing), the possibilities are endless.”

The Monashee Range in British Columbia inspired this quote from freeskier Andy Mahre: “The key to life is to live each day like it’s your last day. If you’re sitting on the couch, you’re obviously not riding powder, so maybe you should get off the couch.” Enough said.

“Like There’s No Tomorrow” also follows “terrain transformers” as they conquer school jungle gyms, road gaps and towering staircases, while Daron Rahlves, the greatest speed skier in the U.S. Team history, invents a new form of racing that puts skier or boarder cross to shame. It’s called Banzai Downhill, and the rules are simple: First down wins. Basically, you go as fast as you can down the gnarliest terrain and hope you stay on your feet.

“It doesn’t matter what’s going to happen tomorrow because you are living for the moment; people who commit themselves to this lifestyle take advantage of it – like there might not be a tomorrow,” said Seth Wescott.

While viewers can always count on Miller to pump them up for the season, his laid-back humor and style attracts more than just a teen and 20-something crowd.

“One of the biggest things that sets (Warren Miller films) off is it’s geared toward families, not just geared toward young people,” said spokesperson Kelly Evans. “Our sponsors come to each event with a lot of fun activities for kids, and (our team) tries to go to new places that have never been skied or presented.”

“‘Like There’s No Tomorrow’ is your annual reminder that winter is on its way and, with it, an adrenaline-fueled dance with gravity,” said producer Max Bervy. “We welcome winter with everything we’ve got, because, while there’s always a tomorrow, there are only so many dawns with fresh snow.”

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