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Wary of Obama

Connor Tedstrom
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am a 16-year-old at Battle Mountain High School, and, yes, I supported John McCain in the 2008 election. Not that my opinions really matter because I can’t vote, but I stuck with McCain even with most of my friends ridiculing me for my decision. I think I was one of about three students in the entire school that voted for McCain in our mock election on Nov. 4.

I was not convinced by Barack Obama’s slogan, “Change You Can Believe In,” partly at my parents’ urging and partly because of my own beliefs. About a week before the election, my parents got an e-mail that said, “Change ” because it’s all you’ll have when I’m done,” and it had Obama’s smiling face in the background.

It’s families that make between $250,000 and $300,000 a year that are going to get hit worst. And when this happens, the people who aren’t getting taxed in Obama’s plans will be hurt, as well. If people have to cut down on spending (Operation Clampdown, as my parents have referred to it), then ultimately, the economy and the middle-class, working-class people that Obama has championed, will be hurt the most. Not to mention, small-business owners will have to lay off employees, creating less jobs, because they can’t afford to keep paying them.

I’ve heard of one restaurant owner who owns a family business and said that now that Obama has won, his tax plans will force him to lay off a lot of employees. There’s one problem: How will he choose which people to let go? He decided to go out into the parking lot and fire those people that have Obama bumper stickers on their cars!

That’s what amazes me; people don’t think their choices through. The Eagle County Web site says of the work force in Eagle County, “Sixty percent of the 32,878-person labor force is tourism related. More than 200 restaurants and bars employ the majority of the people with hotels and lodges running a close second.”

Our valley is going to be hit pretty hard by Obama’s tax increases. Builders will have a hard time getting jobs because people will be less likely to build something when they’re on Operation Clampdown.

Restaurants will be less likely to succeed when homeowners in the valley try to cut back on how often they go out to eat and when fewer and fewer tourists come here for the ski season.

It just amazes me that builders, real estate agents, and even people involved in the tourism business could cast their votes for Obama after researching and seeing the direct effects that Obama’s plans will have on our lives. Isn’t it ironic that 60 percent of our valley voted for change this election?

If a 16 year old can see these problems better than a 40-year-old restaurant owner, then there’s something wrong with that.

I love the way Obama spoke and carried himself throughout his campaign, but I just don’t see his presidency ending up well for our country. Prove me wrong, Obama, but I hope your slogan of “change” doesn’t come back to hurt us in the long run.

Connor Tedstrom

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