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Waste of text in Vail Daily column

Robert Steffes
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a loyal reader of the Vail Daily, I’m writing to say I found Richard Carnes’ words this week — in which he said the recent “Taxed Enough Already” demonstrations were an effort by the Republican Party to “rally the bitter, gun-toting masses and fill their little heads with misinformation …” — to be both hypocritical and offensive.

Now, I realize this is the same guy who recently led off his column by telling us his ex-wife cheated on him, so I understand that he tends to be a little emotional in his words.

But before he called the TEA party tax day protests a “silly waste of time,” he also said (in a previous column) that we now have “the reactionary D.C. brainiacs using taxation as a form of punishment … which is not a road (he believes) Americans wish to travel.”

So I ask Carnes: If Americans don’t wish to travel an overtaxed road, but are wasting their time in gathering and demonstrating against over taxation, just what do you suggest? Writing columns about it from your living room?

Finally, I also would like to point out that there’s a factual inaccuracy in Carnes’ piece, as well.

I also saw the interview Carnes was referring to, in which Carnes calls the person being interviewed an idiot.

It was conducted by CNN’s Susan Roesgan, not a Fox reporter as Carnes said in his piece, and was played live on CNN, not Fox.

Upon noticing this error in your paper it took me all of two minutes to Google and verify this information. I suggest you require Carnes to spend more time fact checking and less time lamenting his failed relationships.

Robert Steffes


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