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Wasteful spending

Everyone likes to spend other people’s money! The Eagle County commissioners are no exception to the rule. I’m sure it would be nice to preserve the Bair Ranch from development, although I’ve lived and hiked in the county for 31 years and I certainly haven’t run out of places to hike.

Since the vast majority of the county is and always will be open space, I would think that the Eagle County commissioners could find some place to put $2 million that would be more beneficial than adding a miniscule percentage of open space to the roughly 85 percent of the county already owned by the government.

One example would be funding indigent health care at the Vail Valley Medical Center, which would help keep skyrocketing health-care costs down for those of us who do pay. I’m sure there are numerous other county needs. But if not, you could lower the county mill levy – heaven forbid!

If Eagle County seems to be a microcosm of the spendthrift federal government, then the Singletree Property Owners Association (SPOA) is a micro-microcosm. According to Doug Crichfield, president of the Board of Directors of SPOA, the board “identified” a large amount of money from landscape deposits or somesuch and voted unanimously to give $25,000 to the Bair Ranch project. I haven’t read the SPOA bylaws, but I suspect that this type of expenditure is of questionable legality. It’s relationship to the we

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