WATCH: Moose faces eviction after squatting in Breckenridge basement |

WATCH: Moose faces eviction after squatting in Breckenridge basement

Denver Post

The moose found a cozy bedroom spot to rest and unload some scat.
Screenshot from CPW Twitter feed

Breckenridge police answered a home invasion call Friday only to learn that the intruder was an adult moose who found her way into the basement.

“Think you’re having a rough Friday? Homeowners and Breckenridge police were surprised this morning when a suspected home invasion turned out to be – an adult cow moose,” according to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweet.





The moose had entered the home and made its way to a basement bedroom where it unloaded a lot of scat and find a cozy spot on the carpet to snooze, according to wildlife officials.

“We were called in to take the lead on getting this trespasser out of the basement and into more suitable – though maybe a bit less comfortable – habitat,” wildlife officials said.

Wildlife officers, Breckenridge police and Red, White & Blue Fire District firefighters put their heads together to develop a plan to get the large moose out of the basement.

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