WATCH: “What are those?” — Testing out Snowfeet at Beaver Creek |

WATCH: “What are those?” — Testing out Snowfeet at Beaver Creek

If you’ve ever seen someone coming down the mountain or walking through a lift line in Snowfeet, the first question that naturally comes to mind is: “What are those?”

Made for groomed trails, sledding hills and other wintery paths, Snowfeet feature metal ski edges beneath each foot, adjustable bindings as well as a heel brake. Snowboard boots and other winter shoes fit right into the Snowfeet.

The company originated in Europe, where two roommates combined childhood passions. The company was an innovation finalist of the ISPO sports equipment trade show in 2019 and the bronze winner of the A’Design Award & Competition in 2020.

“Being made in Europe, Snowfeet are made of a highly durable fiberglass reinforced material,” the website says.

Snowfeet are $149 plus shipping, with discounts for purchasing more than one pair. The company promotes one size fits all, with recommended shoe sizes between 6 and 13.

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Tested at Beaver Creek

Wednesday morning had perfect conditions to test out these Snowfeet at Beaver Creek — a couple inches of fresh snow on top of groomed trail.

The deep snow proved to be a challenge for the Snowfeet, but a couple of inches (Beaver Creek reported 2 new inches) was perfect to play in, especially on top of some fine corduroy.

The surface area is significantly less than any ski or snowboard, so on Day 1 it was difficult to manage some of the higher speeds, but Beaver Creek’s Red Buffalo beginner area is a great place to learn to ski, snowboard or Snowfeet.

Being strapped onto a snowboard most days, it was certainly fun to explore the freedom of having both feet mobile.

And the whole morning at Beaver Creek, I had to answer: “What are those?”

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