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Water Council loses voice

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail, Colorado CO

Letting Caroline Bradford get away is a serious mistake by the Eagle River Watershed Council.

Government bureaucrats who need to do a lot more for the environment might cheer her leaving her post as executive director of a group she, far more than anyone, built into a force.

But the Eagle County community loses with her departure.

We’re not cheering. We’re concerned that environmental protection in the Gore Creek and Eagle River has taken a step backward.

This is blunt, but we’ll say it anyway: Eagle County is rife with community groups that routinely fail to exercise their voice. So they get less accomplished than they might otherwise in the relative vacuum.

Not so with the Watershed Council, precisely because of Bradford. We found her pleasant if persistent, and always focused on educating people about river and water issues. Not only was she effective at pushing government bureaucrats and leaders to do the right thing, but she made sure the community knew about these issues, too.

The council has large shoes to fill if it wants to avoid falling back into the swirl of largely silent groups in this valley.

If the Watershed Council is foolish enough to let her get away, another group ought to get on bended knee and woo this woman to their organization.

They won’t find a better, more effective champion for their cause.

She is one of those precious few who are not content merely to strive, to advocate ” but to indeed achieve.

Maybe she should start a school for effective community service group leadership.

She has a lot to teach about working with the press and reluctant government.


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