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Water district investigates Edwards odors

EDWARDS — The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District has received numerous calls about an odor in the Miller Ranch area in Edwards. The district has explored possible causes for the odor related to its operations, including checking manholes throughout Miller Ranch, The Reserve and along U.S. Highway 6 each day this week, and has not found any backups or overflows in the wastewater collection system.

Additionally, district staff took samples Thursday morning from multiple points in the sewer main beneath U.S. Highway 6 between Avon and Edwards to analyze them for odor compounds.

Similar strong odors can come from various sources, including natural gas facilities, rotting vegetation in wetland areas, and storm water systems — which drain directly to local waterways.

Due to reports of particularly strong odors Thursday morning, district staff continued to investigate other odor sources including private sewer lift stations located in nearby developments — which were found to be in good working order — and area ponds and waterways.

A pond located south of U.S. Highway 6 and east of the Arrowhead Drive west entrance was found to be discolored, with dead fish — and was emitting a strong odor.

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The district coordinated its investigations with Eagle River Fire Protection District, the Eagle County environmental health department, and Arrowhead representatives. For more information, call 970-477-5451.

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