Water main break repaired on Vail Valley Drive, contractors working to restore traffic flow

A water line break shut down a portion of Vail Valley Drive around 2 p.m. on Tuesday. The 1300 block of the road, east of the intersection with Ptarmigan Road was closed for approximately four hours.

“Approximately 18 residences are without water service due to a water main break on Vail Valley Drive in Vail,” a 3:30 p.m. release from the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District stated.

“The leak happened when a contractor accidentally snagged a water service line during construction activities for a private party and pulled it out at the mainline tap. Once detached, pressurized water from the main flowed out.”

The release advised that some properties may experience low water pressure and some may see cloudy water from entrapped air in the water distribution system, and that the water is “safe to drink.”

“To clear your pipes of entrapped air and discoloration, run cold water faucets that do not have a screen, such as those in tubs or an outside spigot. Flush your lines until the water runs clear,” the release stated.

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According to a 6 p.m. update from the district, the water main had been repaired with all affected residences back in service and contractors were also securing the excavation and working to restore normal traffic flow.

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