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Water truck removed from Colorado River

John Gardner
Glenwood Springs Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado
Jim Rada/Courtesy Glenwood Springs Post IndependenA water-tanker truck was removed, by crane, from the Colorado River near the Una bridge near Debeque on July 30, nearly one month after it rolled into the river.

DEBEQUE, Colorado ” Crews were able to remove a water-tanker truck nearly a month after it rolled into the Colorado River June 29.

Resort Trucking Inc. owner Scott Beddes was responsible for removing the truck, according to Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario. Vallario said it’s the same situation as if someone ran off the road and their vehicle ended up in a home’s front yard ” the owner is responsible for removing it.

The truck remained in the river near the Una bridge off Garfield County Road 300 due to some confusion between Beddes and the Sheriff’s Office, according to Beddes.

“I think there was a misunderstanding,” Beddes said. “It was them (Garfield County Sheriff’s Office) that shut us down because of safety issues.”

Beddes said that he was told he would have to wait about 90 days before attempting the retrieval again, and would have to provide the Sheriff’s Office with a safety plan if he wanted the help of search and rescue.

“We had to have a safety plan to make sure everything was all right,” Beddes said. “They got it out and put it in my yard, now I’m just waiting on the insurance company.”

According to Garfield County director of General Services Agencies, Dale Hancock, Girardi Crane Service of Grand Junction and a tow truck from Blaine Ward Towing in Glenwood Springs pulled the truck from the river on July 30.

“The removal went without incident,” Hancock said. “They went and got it out of there safely.”

Jim Rada, environmental health manager for Garfield County Public Health, was on scene during the extraction. In an e-mailed report to other county offices Rada stated that contamination from the vehicle was “minimal.”

“During the removal process, the only visible release/spill into the water occurred when the truck was winched on to the shore,” the message read. “This appeared to be a small quantity (estimated 1-2 gallons) of motor oil or hydraulic fluid that dripped into the water.”

The message stated after extraction Rada checked the truck with Beddes. The truck’s fuel tank, hydraulic reservoir, and the radiator were intact with no signs of leakage.

The truck rolled into the river after its emergency brake failed as the driver was filling up the storage tank, according to the driver Colorado State Trooper Ryan Sullivan.

The CSP issued a citation to the driver, Harold Carey, for operating a vehicle with a defective parking break, Sullivan said.

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