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Way I see it with Eagle River Station

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

Why the trepidation by RED in bringing its development application to a resolution or conclusion? Has not the planning been exhausted or the politics of it all ended?

Look who is now pushing for the culmination and finality: It is the CFE and those of us with a lesser God who want it over. Is it that RED has had a vision of its own folly and now delays the inevitable? It may be that an approval by the board of this application may be worse than just ending it all and repairing to other pastures or simply cutting the losses now and in the future.

Methinks that RED, being the scion of industry that it is, now has doubts that it could even sell its 88 acres (with zoning in place) on the open market. Who wants to buy a retail prospect that sells Chinese, Indian and Taiwanese goods at a mall located in a wilderness that is only accessible via fossil-burning vehicles at $3 per gallon?

The incessant delays by RED foment suspicion and mistrust about its representations in general. Would you now believe RED when it proffers such a grandiose vision of prosperity? Eagle has found its senses, and RED has lost its!

Fredric Butler

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