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Way to get home after a big night out

Vail buses drive 680,000 miles over 62,000 hours to serve

3.2 million people annualy. “Of those, how many are drunk? Who knows,” says Town of Vail Transportation Manager Mike Rose. “We’ve encouraged the bar owners not to overserve. We don’t want people to drive home drunk, or hurt themselves.” They do, however, have the right to refuse service to people, which they’ve had occasion to do. “But if they’re cheery and pleasant and hammered? Sure, we’ll give them a ride home,” he says.

Vail Valley Taxi drivers spend daylight hours driving tourists hither and yon, but locals have a monopoly on late night. With 24-hour, on-demand service, they’re available even when there isn’t much business. “They count on us to get them home,” says Cheryl Emmeluth, who owns the service with Daniel Booz. “I don’t think the phone has rung more than three rings without someone answering the call. We’re proud of the service we provide, and we’re grateful to all the locals.” Seeing as a friendly designated driver only rated third place, it’s obvious nobody likes to deny themselves the experience of whatever’s being poured. As long as you get home safely, it’s all good.

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