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Way to go, Jose

Jose Andrade Josey Andrade Red Canyon High School Favorite school moment from any year: One of the best moments in high school was getting to meet new friends, and gaining confidence in myself to become a better person and a role model. Give a shout out: I like to thank my parents, sisters, and Samantha for pushing me to do my very best. Also, shout out to all the people that doubted me and said that I would not make it, but guess what, here I am. Summer plans: My summer plans are to stay here in the valley and work until August before the start of college. Where are you headed this fall: I will be attending CMC in Edwards and will be working to get my associates. If you’re leaving Eagle County, what will you miss most: I would miss being surrounded by amazing views and mountains, as well as, my friends and family. If you’re staying, what are you happiest about keeping: The most that I would be happy about is keeping my family and friends nearby and staying where I was born and raised. In 10 years you’ll be: I will be out of college, and living down by the beach looking into the ocean with nothing to worry about. Favorite class ever: Mrs. Qualman taught an awesome class called Stephen King. I only took it because she’s one of my favorite teachers and I ended up loving it. Class you wish had been offered: A Photography class because I love taking pictures.

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