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Way to go, Melissa

Melissa Flores Melissa Flores Red Canyon High School Favorite school moment from any year: I think my favorite school moment was in my senior year when Mr. Dudley would salute every student with a “Hello Sunshine!” Give a shout out: Shout out to my parents, sibling and all my teachers that helped me through my high school career. Summer plans: Work and travel! Where are you headed this fall: This fall I’m headed to Mexico! If you’re leaving Eagle County, what will you miss most: I will definitely miss the Mountains. If you’re staying, what are you happiest about keeping: If I were to stay the happiest I’d be about keeping would be the friendships I gained over the years. In 10 years you’ll be: In 10 years I am hoping to be working in the medical field and hopefully married. Favorite class ever: Mrs. Qualman’s Stephen King class! Class you wish had been offered: None because Red Canyon offered me a variety of classes.

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