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We are cooperating

Karen Woody

Election day for the Eagle County Health Service District (also known as the Eagle County Ambulance District) is only days away. I wanted to share with our citizens an update on the ongoing relationship between the Ambulance District and the Eagle River Fire Protection District (ERFPD).

Since the initial suggestion of merger considerations between the two districts in February 2003, several actions have been taken to address the opportunities for taxpayers to benefit from the synergies between our two organizations. The districts have worked together, along with other health-care agencies, for many years in order to provide the highest quality of emergency medical services to our citizens and guests.

An ad-hoc committee consisting of a board member from each district, plus two independent citizens, has met twice and issued a letter of recommendations suggesting opportunities for joint benefits to be investigated. This includes opportunities for joint facilities development, increased joint training, investigation of administrative overlaps, if any, and emergency medical supplies support. In addition, the two Boards have met jointly twice in the last 18 months.

Citizens should know that the ambulance district has long provided automatic defibrillators to all of the fire stations in the district as well as other public safety agencies. This life-saving equipment is maintained by the district, including training, maintenance and related supplies.

The district and ERFPD are currently investigating the development of joint facilities in both the Village at Avon and in Wolcott. Both of these locations are being addressed in view of our respective strategic plans relative to County growth and demand for services.

The dialogue between the two districts is ongoing and we expect the relationship to prosper. The direct beneficiaries are the citizens and the taxpayers of Eastern Eagle County. Our board meetings are held the third Thursday of each month and are open to the public. We welcome your attendance and interest.

Karen Woody

Board member,

Eagle County Health Service District

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