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We are either a nation of law premised on the Constitution or one of anarchy (letter)

A parent’s primary responsibility and obligation to his or her child is to safeguard, educate and nurture, and these are individual and instinctual qualities of humanity, no matter what the culture. That being said, on the issue of illegal immigration and the separation of a child from a parent, it is not the federal government or, as some are compelled to say, Trump, doing that endeavor, but solely the parent himself or herself, as the case may be.

It is one of the consequences spawned by the commission of a criminal act, be it a misdemeanor (DUI, minor theft, illegal entry into the United States) that befalls a parent when he or she decides to follow that course of conduct — the degree or magnitude of the crime is secondary in the intent to commit a “crime” (felony or misdemeanor) in the first instance.

To travel the length of Mexico with a child in tow with the intent to commit a crime in the United States by an illegal entry falls squarely on the shoulders of the parent, and the left-wing emotions, spin and inanity are irrelevant and should have no play to assuage our feelings for the child.

We are either a nation of law premised on the Constitution or one of anarchy or Marxist/Socialism that foments concepts the like of eliminating ICE, the Border Patrol or law enforcement in general (“kill a cop”). We either remain at liberty or we enslave ourselves to mob rule or a centrist government in the ilk of today’s “Democratic” party and its sycophants, e.g., Obama, Pelosi, Booker, Green, Collins, Bush, Polis, et al.

This so-called American progressive movement is destructive, obstructive and denigrating to the values fomented by 250 years of American experience in liberty and finds its roots in Congress, our educational institutions (at all levels), the corruption that permeates the Department of Justice, FBI and those (including illegals) “on-the-take,” a la welfare in all its hedonistic enslavement.

It follows, then, that there are either “Pro-Americans” or out to “Con-Americans”; ergo, we either proceed with our historical experience with liberty and prosperity, or we “go south” to the political disaster of Venezuela, or now Mexico itself, with its newly elected and Marxist/Socialist President, Lopez Abrador.

This man will not stem the invasion of “criminals” into this sovereign nation; he will not enhance a fair-trade regimen with the United States; and he will most certainly instigate a revolution at home and to his north, having to rely on the corrupt law enforcement that he seeks to remove.

Abrador has good company in today’s Democratic Party, what with the sole and concerted changes they intend to exact through vitriolic aspersions, violent protests, political discrimination, mob rule, and dubious claims of persecution from whence these newly minted “Democrats” came — these “Con-Americans” have simply no other agenda than to usurp the Constitution, overtly and blatantly violate the law with their pet sanctuary cities and states, destabilize the economy, con whomever will listen, and to bring down a civilized society that has been a beacon to the world.

Just look back over the last two years, and reflect upon what else have the “Con-Americans” accomplished, or what could have been? Did they have any part in the decrease in unemployment, tax relief, curtailing foreign aggression, endeavoring to strike a fair-trade parity with other nations, the likes of China, the European Union and so on?

The import of the Second Amendment to “Pro-Americans” is now more salient and indispensable, what with this “snowflake” movement afoot; and in this I offer a word to the wise: “don’t throw snowballs in a gunfight”!

Fred Butler


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