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We can be so much better

Carlos Abel

Open letter to Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama:

It is 2008 and we are still using political advertising that is insulting to the average person like me.

It also is insulting when we hear about the amount of money spent in negative advertising.

We, the middle class, are going through hard times and not only because of our dependency on foreign oil. Our dollar also is very weak.

We will be very helpful in solving these problems if you ask the people what their needs are.

Then you need to ask for people’s ideas about solutions to our present crisis, ask for their opinions about higher education, and how to meet the needs for making colleges and universities accessible to everyone.

We have been to the moon, we are planning to go to Mars; we have the knowledge, the technologies, and now all we need is the commitment of our middle class to succeed in solving these issues.

For me, one of the measurements of positive development in a country is the size of its middle class. Is our middle class shrinking? Is our middle class going downhill?

If we do the math and calculate the middle-class average income in August 2000 in pounds of meat and determine how many pounds of meat we can get with our average monthly salary today, we can determine the real amount of inflation in our economy.

This real situation is depressing our economy and is mentally depressing society.

The average person doesn’t see any way out of this situation, (You can call this situation whatever fancy economical term you want and it will not change reality). Remember that Prozac does not help pay bills. The solution is far beyond medication.

When you say the big part of the solution is to change our dependency on foreign oil and move to be dependent of local oil, then that is not a solution at all. It is only a temporary solution to the effects of the many mistakes of the past.

We need to work on the cause of the problem. We need to change our dependency to non-renewable energy.

We need to go for renewable energy, like solar power, wind power, cryogenic energy, magnetic energy, geothermic energy, hydraulic, and who knows the number of other alternative sources of energy we haven’t even looked at yet.

One of my questions is why, if our Republican government was aware about our dependency in foreign oil, did they not propose any solution eight years ago?

I have not seen any positive political advertising from either of the candidates on how they would solve this problem.

Do you think that the American middle class will vote for the lesser of two evils? I don’t think so.

What is your constructive proposition to help our depressed middle class, in the short-term, in the middle-term and in the long-term toward solutions to these societal problems?

How about fixing the discrimination in our country once and for all? It’s much like our medical system, acceptable for some who are very well insured, but bad for the non-insured or under-insured. This is even more terrible for the patients with mental health problems and/or addictions.

Until the Republicans present a proactive and constructive proposal, I would suggest that Mr. Obama should have a plan B.

Mr. Obama, you may receive a nation in crisis with more problems than you may even know. Our economy is weak, our education system is in crisis, and our health system is a wreck, our jails overcrowded.

Our jails have an average of 50 percent of their inmates with mental health or addiction illness.

The morale of the country is down. A lot of people think that there is no hope.

The plan “B” for Mr. Obama will involve reaching an agreement with our neighbor country Mexico. They would be asked to receive all the Americans who want or need to immigrate to Mexico searching for a better present and a better future, without considering them illegal.

Mr. McCain, I will not suggest this to you because you may think that this plan B is only a sarcastic comment on your position on immigration.

Mexico is receiving help anyway. Who do you think is doing the labor work in the construction of the wall that will impede the American people to immigrate to Mexico?

Are we humble enough to recognize that our arrogance is destructive?

Can our problem be solved for real? Would a multi-party system work?

The fathers of the nation are still dreaming of a better and more fair United States.

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