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We can’t kill them all

Alex Miller

The picture said it all: An Iraqi police officer and a civilian woman wearing a black abaya robe were both shooting guns into the air Thursday to celebrate the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. In a country where even the cops and civilians are engaging in this kind of behavior, does anyone really think the death of one bad guy is going to let us “turn the corner” in Iraq?No doubt, Iraq and the world are better off without this homicidal maniac Zarqawi on the loose. But from the beginning, we’ve had it all wrong on what’s the best way to prosecute the so-called “war on terror.” Silly though the name is (“terror” is a tactic, not an enemy), it actually speaks more to the reality on the ground: Individual leaders are not the most important factor driving the violence. This is not a snake where you can cut the head off, like it was with the Nazis. It’s not even a hydra.What is it, then? Well, it’s an insurgency fed by misguided religious ideology and it’s being perpetuated by clan rivalry, economic disenfranchisement and the natural anger anyone would feel when their country is being occupied by foreign armies. People like Zarqawi and bin Laden may have helped write the playbook and coached some of the games, but the league gets along fine without them – and will for some time, or at least until someone finds something better for the players to do.Alex Miller can be reached at 748-2931, or amiller@vaildaily.com.Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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