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We have a lot to be thankful for

Last week was Thanksgiving, the time we all stop to reflect what we are thankful for in our lives. Before moving into the new year, the Vail Valley Partnership would like to take a minute to share what we are thankful for.

We are thankful for our partners for challenging us, inspiring us and for supporting us. Reaching a partnership base of almost 1,000 that comprises businesses from East Vail to Dostero, we have demonstrated strength lies in numbers. Each and every business contributes to the organization’s success and we are thankful for each and every partner. As the Vail Valley evolves and develops, the need for one organization that is powerful enough to bridge all businesses under one umbrella becomes all the more a necessity. Those reading this article today may be part of tomorrow’s future and it is important for all of us to be cognizant of what lies ahead while capitalizing on the present.

The Partnership is thankful for its board of governors, each of whom has committed their time to oversee the organization’s work while also serving as leaders within our organization and the community. The Partnership, like the Vail Valley itself, is continuing to evolve to become a more value-based organization with greater significance to our partners. With the watchful eye of our governing body, you’re sure to see the Partnership’s maturation continue.

We are also thankful for our community and strategic partners. From town governments to Eagle County, we depend on our community partners for knowledge and guidance on how we can better serve our partners and the community. The Vail Valley is an intricate network. With our community and strategic partners, we can better navigate how to elevate and market the destination.

The Partnership is also thankful to be sandwiched between two resorts that daily strive to achieve world-class standards. Vail and Beaver Creek are the ski resort equivalents of Disney’s magic kingdom, offering something for everyone. Disney World’s slogan is “the happiest place on earth,” and the Partnership is thankful to be part of a resort community that strives to deliver the same promise.

As the valley-wide marketing arm, the Partnership is also thankful to have the opportunity to help promote such prized nostalgic events and activities that the resorts and organizations including the Vail Valley Foundation and Vail Symposium host. The Charles Schwab Birds of Prey World Cup taking place this week in Beaver Creek and Vail Mountain’s spectacular Snowdaze celebration are just two examples that demonstrate the area’s attention to offering events and attractions that “wow” locals and visitors alike.

In short, the Partnership is thankful to have the support and confidence from all entities we work with. So no matter how you define thanks or how your home country says it ” dank u wel, merci, grazie, gracias, danke, hvala, khawp khun makh ” the Partnership thanks you.

Lastly, we are thankful for the beautiful summers and winters our destination is blessed with. And yes, we are thankful for snow and lots of it; we are thankful the future forecast that looks plentiful on all fronts.

Chris Romer is director of marketing for the Vail Valley Partnership.

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