“We need to be more responsible”: Colorado governor says incidence of coronavirus is growing

Gov. Jared Polis said Coloradans need to be better about limiting their exposure to other people as he announced Thursday that the incidence of coronavirus is growing in the state. Polis said there has been an increase in cases over 11 of the past 14 days in Colorado.

The state’s “R naught” number, the rate of the virus’ spread, is now more than one, meaning that each infected person is, on average, spreading the disease to more than one other person. The bottom line: The number of people with COVID-19 in Colorado is growing, Polis said.

“We need to be more responsible,” Polis said at a news conference at the governor’s mansion in Denver. “We need to wear masks more. We need to avoid gatherings more.”

He added: “We need to make changes in the way we live.”

Polis said this will be “the summer of no parties” as he encouraged people — younger Coloradans, in particular — to gather only in small groups or not at all. At most, he said, people should be gathering with three or four others.

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