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‘We spent the first 40 years in retirement’

Scott N. Miller
NWS Lorrie Everman SM 4-25

GYPSUM – The babies born between 1946 and 1964 were, until recently, the biggest generation that ever grew up in the United States.The first of those “baby boom” babies turn 60 this year. They have lived through the birth of rock n’ roll, various wars hot and cold, and helped shape the cultural and political life of the country. Here are the stories of the first of the baby boomers, told in their own words. To participate in the “Zero to 60” series, e-mail smiller@vaildaily.com. Name: Lorraine (Lorie) Everman, wife of Lee Dorothy, mother of Alex DorothyBirthday: May 8, 1946, born in London, England, to an English mother and an American Army Air Corps Sergeant (I’m definitely a baby boomer!).

I originally came to Vail in 1962. I traveled up from Denver with a prominent family who owned one of the few houses in town on Mill Creek Circle. I would babysit the two kids in the morning, ride the gondola up to Mid-Vail with the children and ski while the family had lunch together. I came back to Vail for four years in the early 70s to ski bum, then came back again in 1981 after having spent several years in California and Hawaii. I met my husband Lee, who was working on the Vail Ski Patrol at the time, married and moved to Gypsum where we now live.

• I moved to Aspen from Denver in 1965, right after high school, then spent four years there.• I entered UCLA when I turned 25, lived in Malibu and worked part time in Hollywood.• I met and married my husband, Lee Dorothy, and we had our first and only child when I was 42 years old. Now that was a turning point! Lee and I always say that we took our retirement the first 40 years of our lives.

• Watching my son become a Major League Baseball player.• Going back to college to get a degree in botany and become an arborist by the time I’m 70.• Possibly going back to Hollywood when I’m 85 or 90 and being a character actress (I keep up my Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA union dues)• Living to be at least 105.

Are you kidding? I wouldn’t do a single thing differently. I’ve had a great life so far. I’ve done an incredible number of different and interesting things, traveled extensively, had a plethora of unique experiences. It hasn’t all been easy or positive, but even the tough times and difficult situations have certainly been learning experiences. Maybe in my next life I’ll be a writer-Hmmmmm.

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