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Weak link in local government

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Just as parents play the crucial role in their children’s education, the citizens ultimately determine the quality of their local government.

Too bad the weak leg of the stool turns out so often to be looking us right in the mirror.

For the people quickly becomes done to the people when the people fail their part. Certainly, some of our louder and crankier voices complain that this happens aplenty as it is.

Too often, the community at large cannot give informed consent to the dealings of its public servants. Expecting to be entertained, we skip our homework, even when the price is our quality of life.

Yes, the details can get complicated, so much of the local governmental fare pretty dense, over-the-fence (or Internet) conspiracy far more delicious than the dull truth.

So citizens can be duped by, say, campaign lawn signs suggesting that “home rule” somehow concerns losing rights when the opposite is the case.

Where we give up our responsibilities as citizens we open barn doors to all we profess to hate about politics.

The money, the lies, the manipulations, the low nature of too many politicians.

That’s all on us, the citizens. We don’t have to fall for any of it. Not the money. Not the lies. Not the obviously exaggerated advertisements. Not the skunks who would do anything to win.

No one can force a citizen how to vote, or even to vote at all.

That means we cheat ourselves, as too many of us do, by skipping class when it comes to civics, which concern us quite a bit.

As more attentive students of our local governments, we could strengthen Eagle County communities, good as they are, lucky as we’ve been. So far.

” Don Rogers for the editorial board

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