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Wear what you want to wear

Laura A. Ball

After the holidays, kids go back to school with a renewed sense of self. You’ve relaxed, you’ve played, you’ve had just enough time to forget about homework and best of all, you have new clothes. You feel great.

But you have to work with mom before you can get that satisfaction.When it’s time to shop, there’s an inevitable battle between you and your mom.

You know what looks cool, she knows what she wants to buy. Can you come to an agreement without looking like a total nerd at school? You know how harsh the pressure and criticism can be.With pop culture bursting out of the tube, at a mouse click away and in every aisle at the grocery store, how can you not be affected by the fashion frenzy, whether you want to admit it or not.

It’s the same celebrity voyeurism that plagues adults. You see Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff and you want to wear what they’re wearing, and there’s no age too young. The children’s fashion industry pulls inspiration not only from young Hollywood but from what adults are wearing, as well. (Too bad adult fashion doesn’t take hints from your clothes. I often walk into a kid’s store and wish they had something in my size.)

You want to fit in and look good, but it’s also about expressing individuality.With even the discount retailers even jumping on the trends, there’s no reason you can’t go back to school in style.

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Brands are back in. But don’t break your mom’s bank account by going after everything name-brand. Individuality is much cooler.Some trends to look at …

In girls jeans and pants, there’s lots of flair and lots of detail, from sash belts to sequins and sparkles to flower embroidery.

Belted pants are hot, like the five-pocket ballet jeans with a chiffon belt. So are corduroys. Just as long as they’ve got some flair.If you want to be comfy, you’re in luck. Athletic jog sets are all over the place.

Girls dresses are designed with the emphasis on girl right now. They’re shiny, satiny or velvety with bows and ribbons as the finishing touch. If they’re not very girlie, they’re edgy with a ruffle here or there.Sweaters are taking on the stripes this year, in pink, red, white, purple. You can’t live without hoodies either.

Jackets are still adorned with fur-trimmed hoods and cuffs. Denim jackets and faux fur bombers. Pink, red, purple, and metallics are the trendy colors for outerwear.Go to the library to find inspiration for spring fashion. Preppy is posh. Polos, stripes, pocketed tees, jean jackets, still lots of sash belts, striped oxfords. And the skirts all have asymmetrical hemlines.

For boys, the military pant, the skater pant and cargos are all in. Button downs are the way to go. Just male sure they have plenty of vertical stripes and checks.Boys jackets focus on blues and greens, with hoods on everything.

But if you want my advice, wear what you want to wear. Looking back on my school days, the coolest people had inherent style, regardless of what was on the outside.Staff Writer Laura A. Ball can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 619, or laball@vaildaily.com.

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