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Wearable art for all

Daily Staff Report
Special to the DailyThe Avara Yaron Collection is well represented at Philinda Gallery's wearable art show.

The jewels in the Avara Yaron Collection are set exclusively in 22-karat gold.

“The brilliance of high-karat gold speaks to me of a purity beyond words,” said the artist. “Always a painter, six years ago I began working as a jewelry designer, discovering that gold jewelry is my true medium. My style is a blend of antiquity and modernity, a timeless beauty for all ages.”

Massari, a skilled artist with a penchant for color, has found a way to wear her canvasses. She has a miniature picture frame cast out of silver, and her minitature canvasses, copies of her large originals, can be interchanged within.

St. John, from Montana, is a knitter of children’s and adult’s sweaters, scarves and hats. She works in natural fibers and her pieces range from whimsical to classic.

Elaine Clampitt Creations are all designed by Elaine Clampitt and geared to those who wear comfortable pieces to dress up or down. She is from Denver, so they’re geared for “mountain” appeal.

For more information on the gallery, call 926-9265.

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