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Wearing your art

Wren Wertin
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Function, fashion – choose your own adventure.

Philinda Gallery in Edwards Village Center is hosting their third annual Wearable Art Show today and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

“We know the best way to enjoy your art is to wear it,” exclaimed Linda Waldbaum, Philinda co-owner.

She and her husband, Phil, have a penchant for themed shows that incorporate many of their artists. The Wearable Art Show is just what it sounds like – artisan objects that can adorn a person.

Terri Nesladek, a weaver from Empire, came last year. She had such a good time she’s returning this year. She began her art career in college as a fine art major.

“Instead of liking the two-dimensional painting I liked the fiber a lot more,” she said. “It doesn’t take as much out of me as painting. I love texture and color and work with that.”

She’s bringing felted cases, shawl-type scarfs, vests, jackets, coats and dusters. Nesladek pays close attention to detail – she particularly enjoys working with button artists. Her garments have varied shapes, unusual to weavers.

“Most people do loom-shaped garments, I don’t,” she said. “I think a lot of weavers are more afraid of their fabrics, of cutting into it.”

An understandable shyness, as hand-woven fibers seem too precious to cut.

“Heavens, it’s the weaving that’s the least of it,” she exclaimed. “I combine the weaving with knitting and crocheting, it’s all trimmed out, all finished, and the buttons are what I’m known for. They’re just exquisite.”

She met Alice Monroney at last year’s show, and looks forward to seeing her this year, too. Monroney is the spirited force behind Alice’s Tapestries, a budding company built out of Christmas presents.

“Years ago I fell in love with a tapestry in a local fabric store – I just had to make something,” she wrote. “So, I made two tapestry bags – one for each of my beloved grandmothers.”

Those led to another 20, which were quickly snapped up by stores. Alice’s Tapestries bags can be found in The National Textile Museum, The Corcoran Gallery of Art and a myriad of boutiques and galleries.

She attributes her success not just to the colors and textures of the material, but also to the embellishments such as handmade buttons, tassels and beads that adorn the bags.

Philinda’s Wearable Art Show also includes precious metal artists.

“Avara Yaron brings gems and 23-karat gold jewelry that has been bought by movie stars and is sold in Neiman Marcus,” said Waldbaum. “She now sells at shows at the wholesale price.”

For more information on the show, call the gallery at 926-9265.

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