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Web comments: Vail doesn’t care about workers

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Vail CO, Colorado

Vail doesn’t care

Keep dreaming people. Vail does not care about affordable housing for those of us full-time Eagle County worker bees that work up here in the Vail Valley area!

I’d love to be proved wrong that Vail cares, cares about the teachers, the sales people, the young families who want to make their home here and raise their kids here.


Can’t afford Vail

I completely agree with the above comments. It’s sad when two college grads with well-paying professional jobs are considering getting bartending jobs at night to afford a place in or around Vail with more than 750 square feet.

Then again why would I want to pay a million bucks to listen to the freeway? We came here to ski two days a week (that’s two more than where we are from) and continue to pursue careers. Unless something drastic changes we don’t plan on wasting our money on a million-dollar house at the world’s most expensive truck stop.


Wish I made that

Are all the local teachers on vacation? Why have there been so few comments about this? I am a longtime local teacher and it will take me years and years of salary to earn what he will be getting in just six months ” and his work is done! Obviously, we will never know what occurred between the school board and John Brendza. But teachers, doesn’t anyone have any guesses?

amy sue

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