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Web comments: Young Republican is proud

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Vail CO, Colorado

Don’t ski Vail, then

(Refer to the letter to the editor, “Don’t dump chair 5.”)

Hey Rick Bell, if you don’t like the plans you should ski at Monarch or any of the other old ski areas with no people and old slow lifts. Have fun there.

Tom Clancy

Proud to paint up

(Refer to the Tipsline, “I’m being attacked.”)

I spent four years “all painted up and ready to go to Iraq” or any other place my country deemed necessary. The Young Republicans were not wearing camouflage with EGAs and U.S. Marine name tags because the surplus store was having a sale. My name is Nathan Nottingham and I thank Mr. Schnelle for his support.


Who are ‘they?’

(Refer to “Needy flood low-income clinic.”)

To whom are you referring to when you say “they?” The Eagle Care Clinic provides health care to uninsured people, this includes your white neighbors, people that have had to go on Medicaid and many other non-Hispanic individuals. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that applies tenfold to health care.


Take responsibility

(Refer to “Immigration battle may split family.”)

On one hand, this is an unfortunate situation. On the other, what did these people think would happen? When you play with fire you can get burnt. They alone caused this situation, and now are playing the public sympathy card. It is too bad Ms. Wong could not explore and present a more objective explanation as to why Carlos and Cindy chose to not only break the law, but why they then went ahead and had children knowing that this could happen.


Not a criminal

(Refer to “Immigration battle may split family.”)

If you’re already in love with someone, and you suddenly find out that they are here without the government’s “formal” approval do you just suddenly say, oh sorry I don’t really love you after all? (Although the government really has given a sort of de facto acceptance of illegals. If the government really thought it was a problem they would have had better border security. The truth is this country thrives because of the cheap labor that millions of illegals provide for this country. They look the other way because they know what an important part of our economy it is.)

chica de las montanas

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