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Web site details Colorado stimulus spending

DENVER, Colorado ” Colorado launched a new Web site detailing state’s transportation projects that will be funded by economic stimulus money.

The site, http://www.dot.state.co.us/arra/, contains information about all projects managed by the Colorado Department of Transportation. It will include cost of each project as well as status reports and photos, The Web site will be updated on a biweekly basis.

The Web site is part of http://www.colorado.gov/recovery, which has information on how Colorado is using other stimulus funds.

Colorado will receive more than $400 million for transportation projects and $103 million for transit projects. Colorado must appropriate 50 percent of its highway funds within 120 days and the remaining money must be allocated within one year.

“This is part of our overall effort to remain transparent and accountable as to how these public funds are being spent,” said Gov. Bill Ritter. “Coloradans will be able to clearly see the progress being made as these funds are wisely used to improve Colorado’s economy and create jobs.”

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