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Web Watch

Vail Trail staff

Watch film trailers, redeem coupons,or just find out when the ski film legend’s latest movie is showing (next weekend in Vail).

This site advertises itself as “Making fun of music, one song at a time …” You can search for artists whose lyrics are most frequently misunderstood (Nirvana is high up on the list, in case you’re wondering), and submit some of your own interpretations.

Before you blow a wad on a pair of $600 Atomics, it might be good to do a little research. You can read gear reviews, or submit your own ringing endorsement (or otherwise) for the overpriced toys you buy.

Seeing ghosts? You’re not alone. When your friends stop returning your calls because they think you are crazy, just log on to this site and chat with other like-minded people about the spirits that are haunting you.

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