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If you’re heading to Chico, Calif. anytime soon, it may be good to know that detonating a nuclear device within the city limits could result in a $500 fine. Yeah, there are actually laws on the books like this.

Science, finally, in a format you can understand. The theory of relativity explained, with just a click of a button. Also, learn how the first atomic bomb was made or look at close-up pictures of roundworms. Yummy!

Everyone knows youth reigns supreme, right? This website reinforces that belief with links to stories on topics teens and 20-somethings care about. Most pieces have a lefty bent to them, but then most teens and 20-somethings have a lefty bent to them, too.

The web link says it all. Great place to surf when you’re sitting at work at your boring desk job and need to look like you are working on something in case your boss walks by.

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