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1. slowfood.com This organization, founded in ’86, says its aim is to protect the “pleasures of the table from the homogenization of modern fast food and life.” Put down your Burger King and get yourself to this website.2. foodstuff.com Rick Kangas (see story at right) knows what tastes good, and he should, he’s been cooking his whole life. Check out his rubs, aptly named “Rick’s Rubs,” on this site. Talk about going beyond salt and peppa … these spice combinations will make even a B-grade cook rock it.3. njagyouth.org/colortest.swf So you get the instructions, which seem quite easy … eight screens, two buttons. But this color test, as they call it, ain’t so easy. First try, we got 88 percent. What did you get?4. tevamountaingames.com Just how many times can we write “tevamountaingames.com” in this edition of The Vail Trail? Count ’em and we’ll give you a prize. (We don’t know what it’ll be yet, but we’ll come up with somethin’ good.)5. funnyjunk.com/pages/waldo.htm Remember those Where’s Waldo? books that were popular for a few seconds in the ’80s? We don’t really either.

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