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1. wildparrotsfilm.com There’s a movie out in theaters elsewhere about the true story of a San Fran man who falls in love with a flock of wild parrots on Telegraph Hill. Check out this website for answers to the questions we had, like where did the flock come from etc.2. learningtoloveyoumore.com So the deal is simple. Choose one of the assignments (re-read your favorite book from 5th grade, re-enact a scene from a movie that made someone else cry), complete the project and submit what you end up with. As long as you followed the directions, your work will be posted to the site for others to peruse.3. truthout.org This is the quintessential alternative media source on the net. It is progressive and strives to provide news that other, more mainstream outlets, are either ignoring or missing (depending on who you ask).4. plainmabel.com This site is anything but plain. The wares they’re hawking are pulsing through a more one-of-a-kind vein, so if you’re looking for a Coach purse just like the one you’ve seen all the other girls at the bar showing off, look somewhere else.5. twistonline.com Maybe you’ve come to the recent conclusion that you have no style. Everywhere you look someone has a chic peice of jewelry and you’re still trying to rock your high school class ring. Move on already.

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