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Web Watch

1. comicbookresources.com – Comic books have taken a bit of a downturn lately, but movies about comic-strip heroes have taken off. This site has all the geeked-out comic book info you could possibly want to know.

2. historymedren.about.com – If you ever plan to “get medieval” on someone’s ass, then you should stop by this site and learn the real deal about European history during the Dark Ages.

3. datafilter.com/mc/torture.html – Speaking of the Dark Ages, how about some torture? This is a site dedicated to torture in the modern world, which is just as prevalent, you’ll find, as it was back in the good ol’ days.

4. factnet.org/mindcont.htm?FACTNet – And while you’re making your torture subject scream for mercy, you might as well brainwash ’em. This site has some cultish, conspiratorial info on brainwashing.

5. hippy.com – Okay, enough of the torture – how about some hippy love! Surf here for peace!

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