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‘Wedding Crashers’ funny, but forgettable

Chris Carroll

“Wedding Crashers” was the kind of movie that had half the crowd laughing uproariously and the other half looking around in bewilderment. It was funny … but tended to devolve into “shock value” jokes, which have been played out by the “Jackass” and “American Pie” movies. There is no direction in the first half, in fact, it could cleanly end 30 minutes in, but does find its voice in the second half when it decides on a supporting cast. The problem is no one stands out. There’s some eye-candy, but none of the characters have any substance or depth. Of course, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are amazing. Neither strays from their normal movie roles, but that’s what people like about them. I don’t want to see a Vince Vaughn who isn’t raking his fingers over a chalk board, talking a mile a minute. Another bit of redemption is a cameo at the end, I won’t say by whom, but they do help to pull the whole thing together.A lot of people loved it … I thought it was funny, but forgettable.Wanting more from ‘Charlie and Chocolate Factory’The original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” was one of my favorite movies growing up as a kid. I loved the singing, the fantasy and of course, all the candy scenes. When I heard Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were teaming up to create a re-make I was more than ecstatic, admiring both Hollywood players. Their version was awesome and different from the original. The kids were better in the new version. Depp played a Wonka that was dealing with some personal childhood issues. Instead of the wise, witty Wonka that Gene Wilder played, Depp played one that was a little eerie in his problems. One that learned more from Charlie than Charlie learned from him. Depp’s high voice got on my nerves at times, and I had flashes of Michael Jackson when I watched him. But he played the role perfectly, nonetheless.My one complaint was I wanted more Tim Burton-esque effects. More animation, more fantasy, more chocolate. I wanted to see more of Wonka’s secret rooms. The only real Burton stamp was the house Charlie lived in. The snowy shack built at an angle was dreamy due to his camera angles. There needed to be more of that dream sense throughout.Kitty SimonsEagle-Vail’Wedding Crashers’ better than ‘Old School'”Wedding Crashers” is on the same level as “Old School,” but made me laugh twice as hard. Two thumbs up.Matt BernhardtEdwards

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