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‘Wedding Crashers’ rolls out the laughs at local theaters

Shauna Farnell
Special to the Daily John Beckwith (Owen Wilson), right, and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) give a speech at a wedding to which they were not invited and in which they know neither the bride nor groom in "Wedding Crashers."

The first 20 minutes of “Wedding Crashers” consisted of a couple of meatheads drinking their faces off and getting laid at anonymous weddings. After that, I wouldn’t exactly say that the plot thickened; it was more like a plot formed. But eventually I laughed harder than I have in a long time.Then again, a few bursts of uproarious laughter are almost guaranteed when Vince Vaughn is involved.

Vaughn plays Jeremy Grey, a one-night-stand-adoring 30-something who has perfected the art of wedding crashing to the extent that he and his best friend and fellow wedding crasher John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) have a wedding crashing rule book.What are wedding crashers, you ask? They are guys that find well-financed weddings to attend uninvited, knowing neither the bride nor groom, and who seek bridesmaids and other eligible and attractive women who might be in the mood to get in the sack due to the festive and romantic atmosphere. Delectable hors d’oeuvres and a well-stocked bar are also required. Beckwith and Grey are so elaborate that they invent new identities before each event and, after conducting significant familial research, often affiliate themselves with an obscure relative.One day, Beckwith has a hiccup of conscience and wonders if he and Grey shouldn’t find themselves a different pastime. He burps his way back to his senses when Grey introduces the next target – a wedding for one of the daughters of the secretary of treasury. It doesn’t take much persuading to yank Beckwith back in the game, but the two quickly discover that Secretary Cleary (Christopher Walken) and his family are not quite so naive and conquerable as previous victims.

And there are other complications. Beckwith quickly sizes up Claire Cleary (Rachel McAdams) as something different than other bridesmaids he’s won over with lies. He begins to fall in love. After pulling off his usual round of charms and getting in with the family, he convinces Grey to accompany him on a retreat to the Clearys’ island estate. That’s where the laughs really begin.While Beckwith is busy wooing Cleary, who happens to be already firmly attached to her psychotically competitive and just plain psychotic boyfriend Sack Lodge (Bradley Cooper), Grey is dealing with the repercussions of having deflowered Claire’s younger sister, Gloria (Isla Fisher). As both crashers realize there’s more to life than eating free crab cakes, drinking free liquor and scoring free sex, they muddle their way through being unmasked while not entirely wanting to give up their hobby cold-turkey.

There is nothing extraordinarily profound about “Wedding Crashers,” but Beckwith does walk away with a significant moral lesson that steers clear of cheesy cliché, but not necessarily clear of cliché in general. Nonetheless, once the movie picks up, there are moments when what is sure to be hilarious dialogue isn’t audible through the laughter launched from previous hilarious dialogue. It is definitely not something a younger audience would enjoy. The biggest chuckles will probably abound in a 20- to 40-year-old audience. The movie isn’t one that will stir your thoughts beyond the two-hour running time, but your face will hurt from laughing afterwards.Staff Writer Shauna Farnell can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 610, or sfarnell@vaildaily.com.Vail Colorado

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