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Week of April 30, 1993

Allen Knox

10 YEARS AGOAvon officials recently had unveiled a preliminary plan for a regional recreation center but were unsure how the new facility would be funded. Avon town manager, Bill James, presented the initial plan for a 43,500 sq. ft. multipurpose facility to the Vail Town Council and had asked members for support in funding and operation of it. The building was expected to cost about $6.5 million. The planned recreation center was to include a swimming pool, weight room, aerobics room, gymnasium, climbing wall, child care center, locker rooms, meeting space and other amenities and would sit on town land next to the Peregrine building.Meanwhile, the Vail Town Council was considering placing a ban on smoking in indoor public places. The current policy al-lowed individual restaurants to develop their own programs based upon design and space. Susan Scanlon, Vail’s environmental health officer, stated that the town began its voluntary program in 1990 and the move had been away from allowing smoking in individual restaurants. At the time, 41 restaurants in Vail prohibited smoking altogether and 30 restaurants permitted smoking throughout.The Vail Valley Marketing Board called for more money to crank up the summer marketing effort.Carlos Gonzales, Chris Sandoski and Oly Olson decided to get their heads shaved and conduct an after Easter egghead painting contest. They came up with a raffle with some great prizes to help support the disabled ski school program and the grand prize winner was Dinell Hess who painted the best bald canvas.EVHS pitching standout, Mike Reynolds, was drawing interest from the pro scouts after pitching a perfect game against Olathe several weeks earlier. Tennis great, Mats Wilander came to Vail to do some skiing and ended up staying four more days and worked on his tennis game for an upcoming tournament in Mexico City.Bob Isbell, Helen Fritch and Jerry Santoro were honored with the 1993 Hornblower Awards from the Vail Valley Foundation for their efforts in the areas of athletic, educational and cultural endeavors. The Vail Valley Academy of Dance was busy preparing for their annual recital with such standouts as Tyne Evans, Terah Steimle, Jaime Pyka, Kelly Gardner, Erika Saulsberry and Tara Yack.20 YEARS AGOWeek of April 29, 1983There’s no doubt about it. It was, as previously described – a giant fishing pole. This was confirmed when the Town of Vail received a model of a sculpture designed by Claes Oldenburg. Oldenburg, an internationally known abstract sculptor, was commissioned by the town in 1981 to come up with a proposal for a piece of public art to be erected in the Lionshead area. What he designed was big. If it is built, this 60-foot tall metal fishing pole would be attached by a cable (the fishing line) to a tin can (probably bigger than a 50-gallon can) in Gore Creek. The proposed cost: $190,000.A new president was being sought for the Vail Resort Association following the resignation of Paula Pal-mateer who had held the post for the past 3 1/2 years. A total of 22 avalanches had been spotted in the Vail area in just a week which prompted officials to issue a warning to the public to stay away from steep, snow covered slopes. Of the three largest and most dangerous avalanches, one occurred near Nugget Lane in East Vail and the other two occurred along Sunburst Drive near the Vail Golf Course Clubhouse. No damage was reported in any of the slides.A building design described as relatively simple but functional was unveiled to the county commissioners for the new $4.1 million criminal justice center. A two level jail and a one-story sheriff’s department would be located on the north side of a prominent, glass-paneled atrium and the courts and related facilities on the opposite side.An era ended as the nation’s last independent passenger train, the famous Zephyr, rolled to a brief, ceremonial stop in Bond and slowly chugged around a curve into railroad history. An estimated 50 spectators were on hand in Bond on the second-to-last run of the Zephyr including two helicopters carry NBC and CBS camera crews that followed the train’s mountainous route. However, only a few railroad employees and a few tramps witnessed the final stop on Sunday.In our entertainment section, we featured brief profiles on some of man’s best friends in town. The most recognized tails around Vail at the time included Bart, Yeti, Sparky, Tasso, The Boys, Sam, Trash and Parka.30 YEARS AGOWeek of April 27, 1973The Board of Trustees of the newly formed Eagle Valley Community Fund were pictured and included Vi Brown; Merv Lapin, Secretary-Treasurer; Nancy Notting-ham; Jim Rogers, President; Paul Ulrich, Vice-President; and Gail Strauch. The purpose of the EVCF was to fulfill the needs of the area rather than merely local groups. The first item the group would tackle would be the annual rummage sale with a goal of $20,000. The previous year it brought in $11,000.Town of Vail Animal Control Officer, Rhea Clark, announced that the 1973 dog tags were now on sale. The fee was $2 for male and spayed female dogs and $5 for unspayed females. She also reminded residents that those planning to live in the area for at least 30 days were legally required to have their dogs registered and tagged.Fred Green broke ground on his Grouse Meadows Condominiums with Ralph Rush named the builder and Tom Sibbald the on-site superintendent. The custom two bedroom units would be selling for $34,900 and the large three bedroom units at $44,900. The units overlooked the new Grouse Mountain golf course and next to the proposed Eagle-Vail ski area.Fritz Schmidt made a lot of Volkswagen lovers and owners happy when he opened his Valley Rental and Service Shop in Edwards. A standard beetle went for $7 per day plus 7c/mile, a convertible or super beetle went for $8 per day plus 8c/mile and a 9 passenger bus was yours for $14 per day plus 14c/mile.Approximately 400 people enjoyed an end-of-the-season party at the V.A. Maintenance Shop with Ginny Crowley, Susie Mott, new VA food and beverage manager Jim Currance and his chef, John Lorenzen serving the guests. Tending bar were such well-knowns as Dave and Rob Garton, Dick Peterson and Pete Seibert. Linda Nottingham kept things in check at the front door.Super Foods announced that they would be throwing out the stamps and lowering the prices to help fight the battle on inflation. The Vail store was being managed by Jake Vigil and Elmer Christiansen was in charge of the Minturn location.THANKS FOR CHOOSINGTHE VAIL TRAIL!

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