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Week of August 13, 1993

Allen Knox

10 YEARS AGOThe town was gearing up for the expected arrival President Bill Clinton along with Hillary and Chelsea who would be in town for the Bolshoi Ballet and some golf outings. Also, movie star Patrick Swayze, was expected to be in town to do some filming for the new Walt Disney movie entitled Tall Tale at the old mining site of Belden located below Gilman. According to Andy Daly, President of Vail Associates, “If the community is to accept further development, Vail would soon need a plan to manage that growth.”The Eagle County School Board decided that year-around school was out and some new school construction appeared to be in as their decision to deal with the district growth over the next decade. They would refine specific details of the package, including facilities and costs, and then would decide at its next meeting whether to proceed with a bond election.It was still a toss-up as to whether or not the Vail Recreation District would put the Booth Creek Par 3 Golf Course on the ballot for a public vote. VRD director Rob Robinson said that recent discussions with the Army Corps of Engineers had confounded efforts to maintain the course’s original design and delays had made it impossible to complete the planning process.Vail Associates took their food service operation on the road after agreeing to a six-year contract to provide food and beverage service at the new Fox Hollow Golf Course near Lakewood. Officials from the course were impressed with Two Elk and the whole VA food service program.The personal bankruptcy case of former Vail Associates owner, George Gillett, was entering its second year and was expected to take another 6 to 12 months to settle. We reported that Pete Seibert underwent open heart surgery and was home in time for his birthday on August 7. Matt Carpenter and Harald Fricker returned from one of the most successful American showings in two of Europe’s toughest mountain races – the Thyon-Dixence and the Sierre-Zinal. Carpenter won the Thyon-Dixence, a 16.3 mile race through the Alps. Also, Bill Wilto was headed to Destin, Florida to compete in the national water skiing competition. On the golfing scene, Ken Sady and Bobbie Hagerman were crowned the Singletree Golf Club champions.Artist Dan Dailey was in town to finish installing the glass mural a the Vail Transportation Center and received help from Kerry Donovan. The 6th Annual Beaver Creek Arts Festival was rolling into town for the weekend which was hosted by the Vail Valley Arts Council.20 YEARS AGOWeek of August 12, 1983The Eagle County Planning Commission voted to not allow developers in the Edwards area to pass on the costs of development to those who purchase property from them. Developers wanted the proposed Edwards Metropoli-tan District to assume the burden of constructing roads and installing drainage. That debt, in turn, would have to be repaid by the property owners within the district.Paula Palmateer an-nounced she would be stepping down as president of the Vail Resort Association on September 1, almost two months earlier than originally planned. Officials of Heritage Cablevision, Inc., based out of Des Moines, Iowa, announced that they had signed a letter of intent to buy Rocky Mountain Cable TV.Now that Amtrak had taken over the transcontinental Zephyr route between Chicago and San Francisco, ski resorts in central Colorado were vying for the one daily stop that Amtrak had planned to keep between Glenwood Springs and Denver. Therefore, Avon town manager, Dick Blodgett, raised the idea of making Dotsero a train stop. Mean-while, Vail town manager, Richard Caplan, was wooing Vail as the site for the 1990 city manager conference and new Vail Police Chief, Curt Ufkes, made good on one of his first promises and that was to put Vail officers back on bicycles for some downtown patrols. This would make the officers more accessible to the public and also deter crime.The Jerry Ford Invitational Golf Tournament ended in a deadlock between Gil Morgan and Don Pooley. Morgan knocked in a 22-foot putt on the final hole at Singletree to earn the tie. Meanwhile, Jack Nicklaus missed a 20-foot putt that slid past the hole which would have earned him a tie. But he then proceeded to miss the short putt for par and finished with a bogey 5 to wind up in third place. Top team winners went to Dow Finsterwald and his amateurs, Cecil Wall, George Knox, Berry Craddock and Bob Michel.The 19th Annual Eagle Valley Community Fund’s Auction/Rummage Sale was underway and once again Vi Brown was the chairperson for the event, a title she had since 1973.30 YEARS AGOWeek of August 10, 1973The 3rd Annual Vail Symposium was underway and would include six workshops covering a wide range of topics. Chairpersons for the upcoming 10th Annual Auction and Rummage Sale were Ruth Larson, Nancy Nottingham, Nonie Stanley, Barbara Loken and Harlan Choate. Handling the pickups for the sale were Jim Rogers, Marie Montoya, Esther Kemp and Carol Williams.Radiologist Dr. Jerry Dooher and x-ray technician Ann Portell were pictured checking out the recently installed fluoroscope at the Vail Valley Medical Center. This $28,000 machine would now allow for a certain form of diagnosis which had not been possible at the facility before.A group of several key developers in Eagle County were present at the regular meeting of the Eagle County School District to protest the district’s proposed developer assessment for schools. The concept of the assessment was to have subdividers make dedications of land and/or money to the school district in partial payment for the school children their projects would generate. The original proposal called for the dedication of .01 acre of land for each person generated by a proposed subdivision plus 2.5 times that value in cash.With so many Vail ski racers attending Pepi Gram-shammer’s Red Lodge International Racing Camp, it must have been a huge success when you took a look at the final competition. Among those doing well were Johnny Buxman, Brant Seibert, Brian Nottingham, Shelley and Wendy Zeboray, Pam Greene and Gary Vickers.Ted Kindel outlasted the other 11 qualifiers to win the annual Men’s Derby Day competition. He sank a short birdie putt on the final hole to edge out Pepper Etters, Jim Keating and George Knox. Also, John Gorsuch, Kent Reed, Jeff Gorsuch, Kim Nottingham and Mike Lanza were among a group of locals participating in gymnastics during the Vail-Aspen Sportsfest.Ground was broken on the second phase of the Vantage Point project and also the new Landmark Building in Lionshead.Robert Schulthess was named the new chef at Gasthof Gramshammer and they were packing them in nightly at the Vail Village Inn Musical Theatre for the melodramas. Also on the entertainment scene was Michael McGinnis at the Holiday Inn, Jim Rowe at the Salt Lick Bar, Cathy Lincoln at the Bully III, John Henry Kurz at the Clock Tower Inn.

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