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Week of February 4, 1994

Allen Knox

10 YEARS AGOBy a vote of 4-3, the Vail Town Council defeated an ordinance on first reading to rezone 7.7 acres of town-owned land near the Mountain Bell facility to allow for an affordable housing project. In an effort to re-move politics from the troubled Vail Valley Market-ing Board, the Vail Town Council unanimously approv-ed a motion to establish a political steering team on the board’s behalf. The team, consisting of one representative from each of the Town of Vail, the Town of Avon, Vail Associates and the Beaver Creek Resort, would decide on the fair amount of money to be paid by each entity involved.Both supporters and opponents of the proposed Lind-holm land exchange felt that recent public meetings on the subject in Vail, Avon and at the county level were fruitful but more were necessary. The new sheriff’s office substation located next to the fire station in Eagle-Vail was due to open in several weeks and would give deputies a permanent structure in the upper valley instead of the small construction trailer without restroom facilities they currently were using.Vail Mail, which was owned by John Bishop, officially became an extension office for the U.S. Postal Service and could accommodate about eighty percent of the things you stood in line at the post office for including most personal and mailing needs.Richard Carpenter lost his eyesight in 1980 and felt that in many ways, being blind had made him a better psychologist. He had moved here from Baltimore to be with his friends, enjoy the fresh air and was specializing in adolescent therapy.With the Dow Jones Industrial Average poised to break through the 4000 mark, local investors were wanting to know if it was time to buy, sell or hold? We interviewed several people in the investment business and got their take on the subject. They included Merv Lapin, Kirk VanHee, Steve Thompson, Dale McCall and Richard Loth.Skiing’s popularity was rapidly increasing among women largely due to teaching techniques and equipment innovations designed just for them. Vail Mountain was the site of a recent two-day Skiing for Women Workshop which featured the likes of skiing legends Tamara McKinney, Kiki Cutter and Cindy Nelson.We ran photo coverage from the Vail Mountain Rescue Group fundraiser which brought in more than $12,000 for the group that is dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education.Gene Johnson, who work-ed his magic on the piano nightly at the King’s Club at The Sonnenalp, was the featured story in our weekly entertainment section. Each morning you could also tune in to watch the new morning show hosted by Dena and Dan Pastorini on Vail Valley TV-12.20 YEARS AGOWeek of February 3, 1984Local officials were optimistic that a recent lobbying effort to bring the 1989 World Alpine Skiing Championships to Vail may have achieved its goal. The group included Paul Johnston, John Horan-Kates, Bill Brown and Pepi Gramshammer. The Avon town council fired Town Manager, Dick Blodgett, for refusing its order to demote town Police Chief Bob Willcox.This ski season could still turn out to be the snowiest one ever experienced in the 21-year-history of Vail Mountain as it was ahead of the pace set during the snowiest year ever, the 1977-78 season which had an accumulated snowfall total of 504 inches. Through January 25, the accumulated snowfall total for the year was 264.5 inches. No closing date had been announced but you might recall that in the 1982-83 season, the mountain reopened on May 21 after having been closed for six weeks for the first ever “second season” in its history.The 1984 Mountain Man Triathlon, one of the toughest tests of winter endurance anywhere and the only race that combined cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and speed skating in the world, would get underway the upcoming weekend. It was expected to attract 18 male competitors and 2 women and included in the field would be the four men and one woman who competed in the previous year’s trial event: Darryl Bangert, Gary Barnett, Hooker Lowe, Denny Hogan and Jan Rey-nolds. The race would be a total of 31.51 miles with the first 10.96 miles on cross-country skis, the next 8.15 miles negotiated on snowshoes and the final 12.4 miles would be on skates at Nottingham LakeJohn Lorenzen was ready to serve his customers after opening his old fashioned butcher shop in Eagle-Vail called John’s Meat Market.30 YEARS AGOWeek of February 1, 1974Vail Associates released an interim report which stated that the Vail skiing season was off to a most favorable start despite adverse early weather conditions, an uncertain economic picture and the threat of a fuel shortage.The nurses and staff of the Vail Medical Center along with the help of local volunteer firemen were lending a hand to a Vail favorite, Claudia Pruitt, who was hospitalized at Presbyterian Hospital in Denver following recent surgery. The gesture would come in the form of a bake sale with the proceeds to help ease the many medical expenses facing her.Colorado Governor John Vanderhoof was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Lincoln’s Day Din-ner at Manor Vail. According to Richard Malmgren, principal of Battle Mountain, bout 40-50 high school students were absent from class this week because two buses hadn’t been running. Another 150 students at Meadow Mountain had to either provide their own transportation or miss school. This situation came about because two of the bus drivers had quit. They were obviously in search of new drivers and the pay was $130 which required about four hours of driving and about four hours of maintenance a day.Bob and Helen Fritch became the new owners of The Sitzmark Lodge after purchasing the lodge from the former owner, Kaiser Morcus.Centaur Films was in town for six weeks to shoot a full-length movie entitled “The Ultimate Thrill.” The film would feature two spectacular ski chases with kite flying and helicopters which would be shot by Roger Brown.Prudy Tuttle, formerly employed on the Town of Vail landscaping crew and Vail Public Library became the new Core Traffic Coordinator and her job would be essentially to keep the core area vehicular traffic honest.Joel Gros, promotion man with Look-Nevada for the Rocky Mountain area, presented Paul Ulrich with the new Beconta/Look-Nevada Cup which would be the traveling trophy for the Ski Club Vail employee races. The Vail Junior Hockey Team, comprised of squirts and pee wees, hosted the Colorado Springs Bruins over the weekend and scoring the first two goals ever for the juniors was a great young hockey player, John Krueger. Meanwhile, the mini-squirts, which were coached by Dave Sage and Larry Benway, were geared up and ready to take the ice and included Billy Leake, Granger Teeple, Eric Kubby, Mike Smith, Brian Nelson and Peter Bartlett.Among the Vail Hostesses continuing to make life on the mountain pleasant for our guests included Foxy Proctor, Michele Lerable, Statia Taylor, Joan Garton, Sandy Line, Sandi Bishop Margie Lindsay and Joanie Hilfiker. Their supervisor was Dick Dixon.It may have been an unorthodox way to race with a little toddie along the way, but it was sure fun and a great way to initiate the First Annual Employee Challenge or better known as “The Grudge Match.” It was termed a howling success with such grudge matches between Liz Clark and Maggie Finch, Nancy Kindel and Gloria Kendall and John English and Tom Roshkind.Few races in Vail drew a more enthusiastic crowd of competitive skiing as the Vet’s Homecoming. Some of the winners included Bill Fisher, Glenn Leonard, Markus Gatter, Erich Windisch, Ludwig Kurz, Cathie Douglas, Jean Swensen, Vivian Goodnough, Susan Duddy and Sepp Uhl.Providing the country and popular music at Purcell’s in Lionshead was Marlin Rice, long-time favorite, Michael McGuiness was at the 1880’s Bar at the Holiday Inn and Fred Worthington was strumming his guitar nightly at Pepi’s Bar.THINK SNOW!

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