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Weekend parking’s still tight in Vail

VAIL, Colorado ” People looking for ways to gauge how busy Vail, Colorado ski weekends have always looked to the town’s frontage roads. This year’s no different.

Last weekend, the town’s parking structures were full before 10 a.m., just like the same weekend in 2008. The difference is in the numbers.

For Jan. 12, 2008, there were more than 1,000 cars parked along the frontage roads. On Jan. 10, there were only about 700. But Vail transit director Mike Rose thinks he knows where a lot of those cars went.

There’s additional parking at Ford Park, Donovan Pavilion, near the west Vail Safeway and at what used to be Wendy’s in west Vail. Those lots have filled up quickly on a lot of ski weekends this season, Rose said.

“Our outlying buses have been packed,” Rose said. “We’ve had to add buses.”


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