Weird items stolen from Dillon church |

Weird items stolen from Dillon church

Caitlin Row
Dillon, CO Colorado

DILLON, Colorado – Pastor Joe Holub was left scratching his head when he discovered that personal – and some seemingly illogical – items were taken from Lord of the Mountains Church in Dillon, Colorado.

Church officials noticed items were missing the morning of July 16, including electronics, a guitar and pastor garb. Holub noted that a door was inadvertently left open, so there was no breaking and entering.

A “very valuable” vintage Ovation guitar was removed from Holub’s office – an irreplaceable item because it’s no longer manufactured and it’s an important keepsake. Holub used the guitar with the youth church.

Even stranger, the burglar took stoles – what a pastor wears around his neck. The ones stolen from the church were meant to be sent to the national assembly this summer as a symbolic gesture of support for gays and lesbians in committed relationships hoping to become ordained pastors. A vote will be held this year to decide if this can occur.

“We already ordain gays and lesbians that are celibate, so we’re halfway there,” Holub said, adding that the stoles were handmade from knitted squares by supportive individuals as a national project.

A DVD player was also stolen.

“It seems like personal things that were stolen -and the stoles were given for a cause,” Holub said. “I don’t know what possible use anyone would have for that.”

Holub hopes everything will be returned, especially the guitar and the stoles. He also said the Dillon Police have put out a description of the guitar to pawn shops. Stolen items can be dropped off at the front door of the church.

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