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Welcome to High Altitude Society

Carolyn Pope

I’ve been covering charitable events, nonprofits and community events and programs for four years. In my very first article I volunteered to cover the 2000 Vail Valley Medical Center Dinner Dance.I didn’t accept a paycheck for the first two years, and even now, my pay rarely covers the baby-sitter. I cover these events and organizations because I love to and remain committed to giving them visibility.The new column won’t change that, but I will have the opportunity to enhance what I’ve done before. As a columnist I have ownership, and with that, I hope to add a little more humor, pathos and personal insight to help you understand why an organization or an event is meaningful, and to intrigue and challenge you to become involved, to find your voice, to make a difference.Our community is unique – we all live here because we want to. Rarely is someone here for the job. If they are, chances are, they won’t last. We all moved to the Vail Valley and remain because we are passionate about our lives here, not because we have to live here. It certainly could be easier to live elsewhere. I have three part-time paying jobs, though the grand sum of them doesn’t add up to a sustainable living. When I talk about the organizations and charities in town, I’m not speaking as an outsider, either. Those who know me are aware that, too often, I eagerly raise my hand and wave it wildly when there is something that needs to be done to help. By the way, that’s not necessarily a good trait.I’ll be adding some humor with each column with “Heard at High Altitude” – with an appropriate acronym of “Haha.” Hopefully, you’ll get a smile from something I’ve eavesdropped on. Perhaps you might even be the one I am quoting. I will always be asking you to give me a hand, let me know what’s important for you to see in my column and which little grass roots organization is doing something important that we should all be aware of. Just keep me in the loop. Vail Colorado

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